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Blog Heading - Restock News

The Restockening

Just a quick update to say that a restock is coming soon. Below are the kits returning to the virtual shelves shortly. There should be

Blog Heading - Restock News

Stock Update

The cold winter of having no stock will soon be coming to a close as we look at refilling our virtual shelves over the next

PG Unleashed Beam Rifle Build

Creating Youtube Content

Over the weekend I decided to try my hand at creating some Youtube content. It was around 40 mins of me mostly looking back at

Community Spotlight – Terror-Byte Gaming

Welcome to the first of our community spotlight posts! These posts will be used to shout about the content creators and generally awesome people we

Gunpla Beyond Model Kits

Gunpla – Beyond Model Kits

Besides the models kits which this site is based on, you can enjoy Gunpla and Mobile Suit Gundam in other mediums and they’re definitely worth

Gunpla Beginners Guide

Gunpla Beginners Guide

Welcome to our little guide on getting started with Gundam model kits. This is by no means exhaustive but should be enough to tell you

How to Build Gunpla - HG

How to Build Gunpla

UPDATE: If you’re completely new to Gunpla be sure to check out our Gunpla Beginners Guide Gunpla can be a daunting hobby and potential builders are

Gunpla Buying Guide UK

Buying Gunpla in the UK

In our last post we looked at buying Gunpla from Japan and touched on why Gunpla can be considered to be an expensive hobby in

Gunpla Buying Guide - Japan to UK

Buying Gunpla from Japan

We’re going to be exploring the cost of Gunpla in the UK when buying from Japan which has long been the preferred option for a

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