Community Spotlight – Terror-Byte Gaming

Welcome to the first of our community spotlight posts! These posts will be used to shout about the content creators and generally awesome people we have encountered on this mad journey of opening a Gunpla shop.

Terror-Byte Gaming have a growing social presence and bring their followers the latest interesting tidbits and insights from the world of gaming with concise and entertaining delivery. Recently they also fell head first into the world of Gunpla and have regularly been creating great beginner friendly content on a regular basis since.

Their ‘Journey Into Gunpla’ series is fun reading for newcomers just getting into the hobby and those who have been building for years can recapture that feeling of wonder and amazement from when they first discovered the joy of building.

These guys have been very kind in shouting about us across their channels and their content is excellent. We follow enjoy following their Gunpla adventures and we think you will too. Click the preview below to check them out!

TerrorByte Gaming Gunpla Blog
Terror-Byte Gaming Gunpla Blog

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