Gunprimer – Grida Premium Scribing Set

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The handcrafted Grida set from Gunprimer allows you to create custom panel lines on your kits comfortably and precisely. The set includes:

  • Micro Chisel
  • Mechanical Holder
  • Master Guide 2.0 – Scribing Guide Stickers

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Scribing Reinvented

Gunprimer Master Guide 2.0

Each GRIDA set includes a handmade certificate of authenticity and MASTER GUIDE 2.0 sheet. Because of the precision and craftsmanship required to attain the highest quality possible, only 10 of this product is produced per day.

Master Guide 2.0
Gunpla 1 2000 1
Master Guide 2.0 on Part
Master Guide on Part 2

The MASTER GUIDE 2.0 can be used in conjunction with GRIDA to create new panel lines.

Gunprimer Grida Chisel
Chisel Animation 1
Chisel Animation 2

Multi-Directional Technology

Material: Carbon steel

Size : 0.5x30mm

  • MICRO CHISEL is a product developed exclusively for panel line scribing. Install and use it with the enclosed MECHANICAL HOLDER.

  • MICRO CHISEL’s multi-directional technology enables scribing as if drawing on a paper.

Multi-directional scribing

Multi-directional technology enables stable scribing on curved lines and irregular shaped surfaces.

Re-Scribing Grida

MICRO CHISEL is a specialized tool for deeper and cleaner re-scribing of panel lines with various thicknesses.

Deeper Panel lines give your panel line markers / washes a cleaner finish.

Panel Line Thickness
Mechanical Holder Grida

Double-Tap Sleeve Technology 

Size : 10x135mm

  • MECHANICAL HOLDER is a dedicated tool to use with the MICRO CHISEL. Perfectly balanced for elaborate panel line designs.

  • Rubber grip of the MECHANICAL HOLDER prevents from slipping while scribing.

Double-tap Grida

Designed for extra level of safety, Double-Tap Sleeve Technology ensures the safety for both the user and the MICRO CHISEL.

Hard press on the MECHANICAL HOLDER extends the safety sleeve and subsequent light press extends the MICRO CHISEL and another hard press retracts the sleeve back into the HOLDER. It’s full retraction mechanism prevents from any damage of MICRO CHISEL when not in use.

Grida Grip

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