Gunprimer – Raser 1.5

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Get organised with a Runner Clip

Gunprimer - Runner Clip

An elegant and simple solution to organising your runners as you build.

No more tangled runners as they're stacked on top of each other and no more squinting to identify the runner label.

Contains 10 clips and 2 sets of alphanumeric letter runners

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Gunprimer Raser

RASER v1.5

Super-Nano Technology
Material: Tempered Glass

Size : 11*90*3mm

The name RASER is derived from combining the two words GATE + ERASER. It’s a new concept of sanding tools that leaves no scratches when removing gate-marks.

Super-Nano Technology is applied to RASER v1.5 for improved abrasive performance.

Gate removal step 1
Gunpla 1 2 2000 E
Gunpla 1 3 2000 E


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